2012 24hr Podcast Announced

Exciting news to Announce I will be doing my 24hr Podcast on December 15-16 from starting at 11am EST for the first time in 2 years. My schedule was so crazy last year, that I was unable to hold the show. This year we will once again have a large number of luminary podcasters on the show. We will also be raising money for the “Wounded Warrier Project” during the 24hr Podcast.

I will be publishing a schedule next week. Podcasters that have a unique story to tell are encouraged to apply for a time slot, email geeknews@gmail.com. We can handle up to two guests at the same time.

I am very excited to share everything I know about new media, live streaming and blogging.

See you on the show.

GoDaddy Official TPN Media Sponsor for CES!

The Team from the Tech Podcast Network is proud to announce GoDaddy.com as the official media sponsor for our coverage of CES 2012. All of the recorded media from the show will be hosted via a GoDaddy 4th Generation Hosting account (4GH)

We will demonstrate under absolutely extreme conditions how powerful GoDaddy 4GH hosting is.

We have an amazing product offer as well. Special CES offer 25% off 4GH hosting plans (12 months+) this code will work even if GoDaddy is having a sale! The promo code for this amazing offer is CES2 check it out today!

What is the 24hr Podcast?


Every year I work of bringing together the smartest, brightest luminaries in the new media space. The 24hr Podcast is first and foremost a charity event to raise money for a worthy cause.

Second it is an educational event, where the best media creators share what they are doing today in the media space to build and have successful websites and online media shows.

I tell people every year that watching this show is like drinking from a firehouse as we present a huge number of topics surrounding online media. This is an event you will not want to miss. If you feel you have something to add to the conversation we hope that you will apply to be part of this annual event.

Todd Cochrane
CEO RawVoice
Host Geek News Central
Host 24Hr Podcast

Picture from Ryan Ozawa in 23rd hour of 2009 Show

The 24hr Podcast Site Re-Launch

I am working on getting all of the archives, back online, but until then this will be the new home of the 24hr Podcast. There is a lot of work to do before we have the next 24hr Podcast on the 18th of December but we will be ready for the event.